Book Review: Steal the Night (Thieves Book 5) by Lexi Blake

With Marini growing more pushy and Daniel's life still in Marini's hands, Zoey and crew become desperate enough to turn to a demon for help finding the one person who can help Daniel. But when Marini gets his hands on not only the blood stone but also Zoey, everyone must make sacrifices and come together if they're going to win against Marini and the Vampire Council.

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Title: Steal the Night
Book Number: Book 5 of 5
Pages: 240
My Book Rating:
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My review of Book 1 is basically a series review, so instead of repeating everything, I’m going to focus more on the things I liked about this particular book.

This book is a fantastic wrap-up to the whole Zoey/Daniel/Dev/overthrowing the Council part of the story (it was the end of the series, so you could definitely end here, but I don’t want to say it’s the end of their story since there’s a spin-off series in which these three are side characters), but before I talk about that, I would like to share with you all an Ode to Marcus that I have written. I have controlled myself and waited until my review for the final book to really talk about him, so I’m gonna make it good *clears throat*:

Oh Marcus, my Marcus,
So much hidden badassery;
When you walked through that police station,
How I fell in love with thee.

And just so you understand, here is the incredible scene (a bit of context, he’s a 2000-year-old vampire with very strong persuasion power, so he didn’t kill anyone, just made them all fall asleep):

Marcus Vorenus walked into the police station like he owned it. His dark eyes sought me out and he immediately made his way toward me. What happened next was like something out of a horror movie. There’s that moment when the heroine is standing in a hall and one by one the lights start to go off. She runs, but the darkness just chases her. Marcus was the darkness in this scenario. As Marcus made his way down the aisles of detectives’ desks, every human in the room fell where they were standing. They were like puppets that had their strings cut.

“Fuck me,” Terry said, his eyes wide. “That’s a vampire.”

Yes, as Terry so eloquently put it, fuck me, that’s a vampire.

My love for him as a character kind of snuck up on me. He made brief appearances in most of the books, but he was always just a side character. I didn’t consciously notice him that much. But then somehow all the sudden he was not only one of my favorite characters in this series but also one of my favorite characters ever. Which is why this whole review so far has been about him even though the book was not. And it seems like every time I reread, I notice some not-so-great things about him and think to myself, “Why do I love him so much?” but then I remind myself, as Daniel said, that he’s a product of his time. He’s also a product of 2000 years of vampire society. Vampires have different laws and morals and lifestyles, and that makes sense. Marcus still seems like someone who treats his companions and partners well and someone who has a lot of depth, and he really was helpful to Daniel and Zoey. He’s not perfect, but I don’t like perfect, so that’s part of what makes him such a great character in the first place.

Anyway… all the rest of the characters! I should probably talk about them too! Like…

Zack, the wolf who annoyed me sometimes with how much of a strict kiss-ass he was but who would sacrifice his own life for Zoey or Daniel or Dev.

Lee, the scruffy, beer-drinking, nap-loving lone wolf who’s more wolf than man but who pushed aside his desire to roam in order to be there for his brother and then also for Zoey and even Neil.

Neil, the gay wolf who was shunned from his own pack but found a new pack with Zoey and her crew and who couldn’t be more loyal to those he loves.

Chad, the lawyer-turned-vampire-spy who feared for his own sanity and made you question whose side he was really on.

Sarah, the witch who made mistakes but who realized her mistakes and was there for her friend in the end.

Felix, the fallen angel who’s always the voice of guidance and reason and who may be a pacifist but would do anything to protect his wife.

Marcus, the vampire who is a product of his time and 2000 years of vampire society and may have some questionable views but who supported Daniel from the start and who really just wants to find a true love of his own.

Marini, the vampire who loved once and might have been a good man but who became unhinged and mad for power after so many years alive.

Declan, the faery heir to the throne who may be a jerk and way too blunt about inappropriate things but who carries the heavy burden of someday running a kingdom and who proved he’s capable of doing the right thing sometimes.

Dev, the faery prince who was shunned by his people because of his mortality and who felt expendable and wrapped up all his self worth in how well he could please people sexually but is fiercely protective of the new family he’s found.

Daniel, the vampire who felt like a monster after turning and becoming the Council’s killing machine but who loves Zoey more than anything and whose biggest fear is that this new vampire life of his will be the death of her.

And Zoey, the human who never lets anything stop her, supernatural or otherwise, when it comes to those she loves.

*sigh* Can you tell I love this series and all the characters in it?

As for the rest of the book, it was on par with the rest of the series with all the same great things. Well, I wasn’t big on all the fate/prophecy/nexus point stuff, and it seemed forced the way everyone kept insisting that everything was all about Zoey and dependent on her and she was the one deciding fate, but that was a minor thing compared to all the great things. This book was tense, intense, and filled with so much struggle for the characters. I felt for all of them, but especially for Zoey who endured the worst. And not only did this book do a great a job with the depth of the characters, the emotions (I already knew exactly what was going to happen, and it still made tears fall from my eyes), the complex and touching relationships of all kinds, the humor, the action, and the same great things all the other books had, it was also an amazing conclusion to the series. Each book before this one had a somewhat self-contained plot, but the overarching plot was being set up the whole time, and this book took all those details and things that were set in motion in all the other books and brought them together in a great and natural way and gave a satisfying (semi) ending to the story!

Book Blurb

She was born to be a thief. To save the world, she will have to become a queen…

Zoey Donovan-Quinn is growing restless. After months of searching, her crew hasn’t been able to locate the resting place of the one man who could save Daniel. While they frantically continue their quest, Zoey is still struggling to recover from the devastating losses she suffered in Faery. In the midst of her grief and worry, Louis Marini appears and demands the Blood Stone he forced Zoey to steal. Zoey has no other choice than to hand it over.

When the giant ruby’s true nature is revealed, Zoey discovers she has given their greatest enemy a weapon of unimaginable power. Equipped with the Blood Stone, Marini intends to dominate the supernatural world and, on a more personal note, claim Zoey as his companion.

Desperate and on the run, Zoey, Dev, and Daniel forge an unlikely alliance with an old adversary who claims he can lead them to the wizard who can free Daniel from Marini’s clutches and help him claim his throne. As they race to solve a thousand-year-old mystery and gather their forces for the ultimate battle, Zoey prepares to do what she does best.

If Daniel and Dev are to have any hope of victory, she will have to do the unthinkable… surrender to Louis Marini and steal back the Blood Stone.

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