I am currently NOT accepting review requests, guest posts, sponsored posts, or any other inquiries, sorry!

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Book Review Requests
Guest Posts


Book Review Requests

I am currently accepting requests, including indie and self-published books! However, I am only accepting books for consideration.* That means, while I do only accept books I’m genuinely interested in, I cannot promise that I will end up reading yours.

*This does not apply to blog tours, author review groups, or any other situation in which a review has been expressly agreed upon.

Genres I Accept:
– Fantasy/Paranormal
– Science Fiction

Within Those Genres, I Accept:
– Young adult, new adult, and adult (I have no problem with sex scenes, strong language, violence, or dark themes/content)
– Regular novels and graphic novels
– All types of romantic relationships (including LGBT+)
– I do enjoy a romantic element, but it’s not required

Formats I Accept:
– eBooks (mobi, epub, or Amazon gifting – no PDFs unless it’s a graphic novel)
– Physical (I live in the U.S.)
– Audiobooks

– I love series! But you will need to provide any previous books I have not yet read.

How Soon I Post:
– I cannot give a time frame right now.

Where I Post:
– I cross-post all reviews to my blog, Goodreads, and Amazon.

If I Dislike the Book:
– If I rate the book less than 3 stars, I may or may not choose to post a review.
– If I don’t finish the book, I will not post a review.

In Your Email, Please Include:
– Description of the book
– Link to the book on Goodreads (and/or Audible, if audiobook)
– If the book is part of a series

If you’re interested in having me review your book or have any questions, email me at kristenburns.contact (at) gmail (dot) com


Guest Posts

I’m open to considering guest posts about the writing/publishing experience, cover design, the sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal genres, or anything else related to books and reading.

If you’re interested in guest posting, email me with your idea at kristenburns.contact (at) gmail (dot) com



If you have other opportunities or offers related to sci-fi/fantasy books or games (I review visual novels/dating sims/games as well), email me at kristenburns.contact (at) gmail (dot) com

*Please note, I do not review demos.*