I love pairing books with music and finding new music, so this is where I will be gathering all my book-inspired playlists and sharing them. They’re in alphabetical order by author. Enjoy!

(Playlists previously had their own posts, but I’ve removed those and am now including links in individual book reviews and on this page instead.)

– Cass, Kiera – The Selection: YouTube
– Cass, Kiera – The Elite: YouTube
– Cass, Kiera – The One: YouTube

– Dalseno, Esther – Drown: YouTube

– Dashner, James – The Maze Runner: YouTube
– Dashner, James – The Scorch Trials: YouTube
– Dashner, James – The Death Cure: YouTube

– Roth, Veronica – Divergent: YouTube
– Roth, Veronica – Insurgent: YouTube
– Roth, Veronica – Allegiant: YouTube

– Valfroy, S.J. – The Sea Witch: YouTube

– Vance, Cady – Never Sleep: YouTube