Book Review: Sidhe (The Incubus Saga Book 3) by Amanda Meuwissen

Nathan's back from the Veil, but he's so broken and changed that he's not even sure he knows how to live anymore, let alone be what everyone expects him to be. But when the Veil continues to weaken further, Malak won't leave Nathan alone despite the deal that was made to free him, and Nathan finds out his role in everything, Sasha's love and Jim's support won't be enough if Nathan can't find confidence in himself.

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Title: Sidhe
Book Number: Book 3 of 3
Pages: 530
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What an amazing ending to an amazing series!

The thing about these books is, I didn’t read them for the action or the mystery or even the plot (though I did enjoy those things, don’t get me wrong). I read them for the characters, the emotion, and the depth. And they never disappointed, especially this third book. The author has this way of describing things, of showing-not-telling, of making you feel, of imbuing such depth into everything that I often found myself tearing up, frowning, smiling from ear to ear, reacting in all these different involuntary ways to what seemed like the smallest and most insignificant of moments because she made sure to give them significance and write in a way that portrayed that significance. And it didn’t stop with Nathan—I was feeling things for all the characters, even side characters that weren’t introduced until the last book. And she found a way to expertly weave all these other characters’ emotions into a series that was told almost entirely from Nathan’s third person POV without it seeming out of place or coincidental or forced.

Overall, this was the kind of series that, despite all the hardships and pain the characters went through, made me feel good and warm and sappy. So if you like feeling good and warm and sappy, I think you’ll love it, too!

Book Blurb

Nathan Grier returns from the Veil a changed man. The consequences of his time with Malak, the dark sidhe king, and the deal made to free him may be more than he can bear. The weakening of the Veil and new enemies foretell of a greater battle still ahead.

With Nathan’s brother Jim now an Awakened changeling, and Nathan’s role in Malak’s plans finally revealed, Nathan’s love for fae hunter and incubus, Sasha Kelly, may not be enough to save him after all.

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  1. Amanda Kay Meuwissen

    And finally, because I had to comment on each and every review you left here, as they just made my day, weekend, week, and probably more…thank you. There is no greater accomplishment than having each book get readers to fall in love that much harder with the story, seeing it improve with each part of the tale. And that the side characters were just as important to you really means so much, because I love every single one of them, and am so glad they came across as fully developed aspects to the world that you wanted to follow just as much as the main trio. Thank you again, so many times over, for joining me on this journey!