Book Review: Deep Deception (Deep Book 2) by Z.A. Maxfield [Audiobook]

Donte wants to turn Aden into a vampire, but Aden doesn't want that, which has led to a lot of arguing between them, and things only get more complicated when Aden rescues a captured changeling teen. Aden wants to keep the boy safe, but doing so may come at a price to Donte's safety.

Book Review: Deep Deception (Deep Book 2) by Z.A. Maxfield
Title: Deep Deception
Book Number: Book 2
Pages: 234
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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I liked this one more than the first! It wove together the relationship struggles of Aden and Donte now that they’re together, Aden’s past, and a plot about a mysterious kidnapped changeling orphan Aden kind of accidentally rescues.

I felt like the plot was better in this one. More focused, or maybe just had more substance. Some unexpected things happened, and the ending was interesting. It made me curious to see how things would pan out in the third book.

We also got to know Aden a little better. This one wove memories from Aden’s past into the present day narrative, in much the same way the first book wove Donte’s past into the story. There were some revelations about other characters too, as well as a new character (the teenage changeling) who was sweet.

I’m still not sure how much I’m feeling the relationship between Aden and Donte though. I feel like I haven’t gotten to see that much of them just casually being together to fully understand why they’re in love or to feel the connection between them, but there was at least some stuff this time that showed their feelings beyond just the sexy times. And despite being in love, things weren’t all moonlight and roses, what with Donte wanting Aden to be a vampire and Aden being adamantly against it. (I feel like it’s usually the opposite, so it was kinda cool to read something different.) Their relationship has its sweetness but also its issues.

I found the much-changed relationships between Santos and both Aden and Donte to be interesting.

The audiobook narration by Caleb Dickinson was the same as it was in the first book. I still felt like his voice didn’t quite match what I’d have imagined for Aden, but he sounded natural enough, and it was usually easy to tell character apart. Except this time there was a new side character with a different accent, and I’m no expert on UK accents, but I don’t think the one this narrator did exists anywhere in the world. It wasn’t the best, I don’t think.

Overall, I enjoyed this one! I’m glad I decided to continue the series, as this book took some interesting turns and has made me more invested.

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: Audiobook*


Book Blurb

Deep Deception – The Deep Series, book 2

Adin will give up everything for his immortal lover…except his humanity.

Adin and Donte have reached a critical point in their relationship. Donte wants forever. Adin isn’t ready. A case of mistaken identity gives Adin the chance to acquire an artifact his old foe Ned Harwiche covets. He jumps at the opportunity, if only as payback for all the dirty tricks Harwiche has pulled over the years. Unfortunately, the prize this time turns out to be an adolescent boy named Bran.

Sickened, Adin vows to help the boy, but like Donte—like a lot of the world Adin never knew existed—Bran isn’t what he seems to be.

While Donte and Adin negotiate the meaning of the word forever, Bran is running out of time. Especially when tragedy and betrayal pit Adin’s long-cherished beliefs against Donte’s love.

Is their love strong enough to overcome their differences and protect the innocent Bran?

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