Book Review: Beckoning Blood (Bonds of Blood Book 1) by Daniel de Lorne

Thierry's secret relationship with Etienne is the only good thing in his miserable life, a life spent working at an abattoir with an abusive father and a twin brother who often brings him nothing but problems and whom he can't escape from, even in his own mind. But his twin, Olivier, wants Thierry all to himself, and, when given the opportunity, condemns them both to immortality as vampires. No matter how many years pass, Thierry only has eyes for one love, but Olivier only has eyes for Thierry and will do whatever it takes to keep him.

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Title: Beckoning Blood
Book Number: Book 1 of 3
Pages: 222
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Ok, everyone get comfy because I am about to RAVE over this amazing book!

If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I rarely give 5 stars. But THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD!

It finally sated my need for something dark because oh so deliciously dark it was. It was rich and deep and really pulled me in with no hope of return until I was done.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea though. In fact, it won’t be anyone’s cup of tea because it wasn’t a cup of tea at all. It was like a stein of blood. Thick, silky, delicious blood. (I’ve never used the word stein before in my life, but it seemed fitting. I’ve also never drank blood, but that’s just what reading vampire books will do to you.)

Alright then, now that you’re sufficiently freaked out and questioning my sanity (or maybe just my choice in beverages), I should probably get on with some real reviewing.

I’ll start with the writing style because OHMYGOODNESS. I WAS SO IN LOVE.

He took his hand and something sparked in the handshake. It coursed up his arm and fluttered in his chest. He gritted his teeth as he tried to keep his face smooth, pleasant, while lightning struck his heart. Reiner looked straight into his eyes, and when Thierry returned his intense gaze, he was bewildered as to where and when he was.

Olivier throbbed in his veins. Not feeding put Reiner at risk. [Thierry’s] own hunger mixed with Olivier’s madness meant Reiner’s throat would be too alluring for the wrong reasons. A descent into the wilderness would help dispel some of it; the blood would drown the rest.

I am such a fan of beautiful writing, and it was, indeed, so beautiful! For a while near the beginning I couldn’t even stay focused because I kept stopping to freak out about how much I loved it. I realize that’s weird, but that’s pretty much the number one sign that I LOVE a book.

Then there was the settings. I don’t generally care for historical settings, but somehow Daniel de Lorne made them fascinating and pulled me so deep into the feelings of the times and places that I was there. But there was never too much description; it was somehow just an inherent part of the story itself.

Obviously I also loved the vampire-y goodness, as I like to call it. This was definitely a “blood-drenched saga,” as the blurb suggests.

There was also the characters, characters so filled with depth and emotion that UGH YES, JUST YES. (I make no apologies for my lack of coherent sentences.) There was the twisted, obsessive love that Olivier felt, the jealousy anytime Thierry felt anything for another man, and the pain every time Thierry left him, didn’t stand up for him, etc. Then there was the love that Thierry felt for Etienne, *SPOILER ALERT* the pain he felt every time he lost Etienne or one of his reincarnations, *END SPOILER ALERT* the combination of hatred and attachment he felt for Olivier, and the self-loathing at the monster he’d become. Plus, the twins’ connection, the way it worked, how they could feel each others’ emotions and pain, made everything deeper, more heart-wrenching, and more fascinating.

I do want to add though, before wrapping this up, a trigger warning for sexual assault/rape as there’s one scene with nonconsensual sex.

So, an entire novel-length review later, I’ll just say Beckoning Blood was an incredibly beautifully written love story that I recommend to anyone looking for something to pull you away into a dark and blood-drenched world!

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