Book Review: Steal the Sun (Thieves Book 4) by Lexi Blake

Zoey and crew travel to Dev's home in Faery, but the tension between the Seelie and Unseelie is brought to a head when attacks are made on Zoey that have consequences Dev cannot let slide. Unfortunately tensions also rise between Zoey, Dev, and Daniel, and Dev prepares for war while Zoey and Daniel go searching for the magical object Marini has asked for, encountering more problems of their own along the way.

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Title: Steal the Sun
Book Number: Book 4 of 5
Pages: 402
My Book Rating: 4 Stars
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So far, a lot of the books in this series have seemed to focus on sex, so I was really happy with the amount of emotion and meaningfulness (is that a word?) in this one. Not that the others didn’t also have all that, but this one just seemed to have more, and emotion of all kinds—between lovers, friends, and family. I also enjoyed getting to see more depth in some of the side characters, like Declan (Dev’s brother), Miria (Dev’s mother), and Oliver (Zoey’s guardian angel).

I was also ridiculously excited about the the way the menage relationship started to evolve. It was starting to bother me that it was more of an arrow, with Zoey at the point, than a triangle. I kept feeling like it would be more satisfying to me as the reader if Daniel and Dev had a closer relationship, rather than just two men sharing one woman, and in this book they did start getting closer and embracing the unusual nature of their entire relationship.

Another thing I’ve noticed and really like about these books is the way Lexi Blake manages to find and write about the beauty in things that are generally not considered beautiful. For example, the way Zoey sees Daniel’s killing is magnificent, like it really is a beautiful sight to behold. It shows Zoey’s love for him, but it’s also a talent of the author to be able to find the beauty in these things in order to portray it to the reader.

I watched intently because Daniel was a vision of violent power and grace when he worked. The crowd fell like dominoes as he twisted and whirled that sword in an arc that left not one of the men untouched. Blood began to splatter in a neat circle, saturating the ground around him. Half the men had already fallen… Daniel stopped, his head down, sword held low, and he looked over at me and winked.

And, ok, I know I’ve already mentioned like 27 things I love about these books, but another one of my favorite things is how convoluted (in a great way) all the relationships are. Zoey’s got two husbands. Dev’s mother swings both ways and hits on both Zoey and Daniel. Declan is constantly hitting on Zoey or announcing his sexual endeavors to everyone because he knows everyone is going to find out anyway (and he’s right). Half the time Zoey’s bed has four people in it because Neil likes to curl up in it, too. People are naked all the time. The threesome between Zoey, Daniel, and Dev is actually a strange kind of foursome because Dev has a god sharing his body with him. The list goes on and on! But I crack up so much at all the little moments here and there that really show how unusual everything is. Everything about their lives is weird, so they embrace it, and I like that. But the book also had its meaningful and intense moments, keeping it well balanced.

All in all, another great book in this fun, sexy urban fantasy series.

Reread Update:
I think my original review explains my thoughts quite perfectly. The depth and complexity of ALL the relationships in this book is phenomenal and so touching <3

Book Blurb

Zoey thought she would never have to choose, but to save one husband, she will have to betray the other…

As Zoey Donovan-Quinn first sets foot in the faery homeland of her beloved Devinshea, life is perfect. Her enemy is defeated, her heart is full, and Neil and Sarah are at her side. Daniel and Dev are happy, so their visit to the sithein should be a pleasant honeymoon full of wonder and joy. Well, except for the part where Zoey needs to steal an ancient gem from the Queen of Faery in order to prevent Louis Marini from killing Daniel.

Reunited with her whole crew, stealing the magical artifact should be relatively easy, but unknown to Zoey, Dev, and Daniel, there are dark forces gathering against them. As her search for the Blood Stone gets underway, Zoey makes a startling discovery that will change her life, and Dev and Daniel’s forever.

When her new enemy finally strikes at Zoey from the shadows, her newfound happiness is shattered, and to avenge the horrific attack, Dev prepares his mother’s kingdom for war. Recovering from the attempt on her life, Zoey and Daniel desperately search for the stone and in the process unmask the real monster behind the assault.

Stopping the real threat, and saving Daniel, will force Zoey to choose sides in an epic war between the Seelie and Unseelie Fae, even if it means betraying Dev and his people.

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