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About Me

Hi! Kristen here :-)

As you’ve probably figured out, I’m a big lover of books and always have been. I rarely read anything outside fantasy and science fiction because I’ve tried many genres, and those are the ones that have stuck. I also love self-published books because my tastes tend to run darker, more intense, and/or quirkier than average, and every now and then I find a gem that blows every other book I’ve read out of the water. I never regret reading a book because I take something from every book I read, but I do find it a lot more fun to talk about the ones I like.

I would love to write some books of my own at some point, but for the moment I’m just brainstorming, practicing, constantly learning, and looking for fellow writers to connect with.

As for the non-reader/writer parts of me… Well, I’m a 20-something, a Ravenclaw, an INFJ, and a spoonie. Doing handstands makes me happy. My favorite color is red. I love the night because it has a magic and a stillness that makes everything feel more meaningful and makes me feel more like myself. I’m ridiculously indecisive. I have six piercings in one ear even though I’m afraid of needles. I love all things gymnastics and circus because I used to do both even though I wasn’t particularly great at either. And my skill set includes cutting open pomegranates without slicing a single seed, quoting Disney movies, remembering far too many of my dreams when I wake up, and taking weird selfies.

awesome selfie

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, send a message, or friend me—I love meeting fellow readers, writers, and bloggers!

All things bookish!

Quotes, humor, reading, writing, gymnastics, circus, food, and more, all in pretty picture form!

Any random thoughts I have that fit into 140 characters.

Any random thoughts I have that don’t fit into 140 characters. Also possibly short stories, poems, and other little writerly things by yours truly (if I can stop chickening out).

Photos! Mostly of books.


About the Blog

I started this blog in July 2015 as a place to share the amazing books I was finding. Good books deserve to be read, and good authors deserve to know when one of their books has made an impact on someone.

This blog contains reviews of the following types of books:
– Fantasy/Paranormal & Sci-Fi
– Young Adult, New Adult, & Adult
– Traditional & Indie/Self Pub
– Regular Novels & Comics
– All Types of Romance (but mostly M/F & M/M)


Blog Button

Metaphors and Moonlight


Blog Schedule

– Sunday: Weekly Update
– Monday: Book Review
– Tuesday: No Post
– Wednesday: Non-Review Post (discussion, book recs, cover characteristics, blogging tips, etc.)
– Thursday: No Post
– Friday: Book Review (Usually LGBT+)
– Saturday: No Post


Rating System

Even with my system, my ratings can be inconsistent since I take into account how I personally felt about the book, issues I felt the book had, the genre expectations, how well it was written in a more objective sense even if it wasn’t my kinda thing, and various other things. I recommend paying more attention to my reviews than my ratings. But this is my general system.

– 4.5: Amazing!
– 4: Great!
– 3.5: Enjoyable/good *or* great but had some issues *or* no real flaws, but not quite to my taste.
– 3: Ok *or* good but had some issues.
– 2.5: Meh *or* enjoyable/ok but with big issues or lots of issues.
– 2: Unenjoyable, probably lots of issues.
– 1.5: Bad, definitely lots of issues.
– 1: Really bad, all the issues.
– 0.5: What did I even just read?